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There Is Room.

As we grow in Ministry many times we feel as though we have outgrown our current surroundings. In some cases that is true but in many cases it is not; I will take the later on this topic. The title reads, "there is room.", and literally the body of Christ is growing at a rapid rate of impact duly because of the Market Place. There will be those that we will encounter daily that may never step foot in a four walled sanctuary and rely on the only source of God that they will ever be introduced to; the one that we should be portraying on a regular basis. As an Evangelist in my church I have come to realize that after 17 years in the Ministry, I have been called outside of the walls; to the Market Place. Please let me reiterate the point that I will not be leaving my church however where ever my feet shall tread, I must take Jesus with me, because there is room.

We continue to grow in Christ and are always learning how to show love as Christ did, forgive as Christ did, and ultimately live as Christ did. Webster defines outgrow as, "grow too big for (something), leave behind as one matures." The bible also teaches us that there are many members but only one body. And therefore we all are needed in the Kingdom, now the manner in which we mature may be a beast of a different nature. I write this with all intents and purposes to focus on the fact that we should always be growing and as we grow Christ begins to expand our territory. We may outgrow material things, we will even outgrow our "circle of friends", but we will never outgrow God!

As you seek his guidance for your purpose in life, remind yourself that, there is room for me. The prayer of Jabez says, "oh that thou would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory...

I'm praying for you!

-Sabrina B.

The Market Place Minister

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