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The Table and The Door

I thought we would take a moment to revisit "the table", I heard a Minister say on the other day that the money was at the table and not at the door. I have been pondering this statement for a few days now and the revelation that I have received was so profound that I felt the need to share. If you all recall I spoke about "the table" a few weeks ago and yet here we are again @ the table. Doors are opened in our lives and doors our closed in our lives, many times we seek to find the reason as to why these doors close and open. I have found it necessary to reference Isaiah 22:22 simply because it reminds us that the door God closes can no longer be opened and the door he opens can no longer be closed. At this point my fellow Ministers your spirit should be leaping simply because of the reminder that our Savior is the only one that holds the key.

Now on to the table, the title says "the table and the door". The Minister spoke into the atmosphere that the money is at the table not at the door, the opportunity is at the table not at the door, the contracts are at the table and not at the door. Stay with me, I'm going somewhere. The scripture reminded us that the door is open, but also went on to say that the table is spread. God not only opens the door, but He then spreads the table. If He opens the door then He will spread the table. That in itself is the only assurance needed to indicate that no matter where we are in life, if He decides to spread the table; the money will come, the opportunities will present themselves, and the contracts will be signed.

Go in Peace MPM's, knowing that if God before you, who can be against you!

I'm praying for you.

-Sabrina B.

The Market Place Minister

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