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The Table

I heard an excerpt on the other day that really made me sit back and take a look at my current seating arrangement. Just stay with me...when preparing for a big meal that includes over 50 guests one has to prepare accordingly. The meal could be a reception, birthday party, bar mitzvah, etc. but during the preparation time the coordinator in charge of said function must seat the participants accordingly. Many times at family gatherings we have to arrange the seating so that those two aunts that really don't mesh find themselves on opposite sides of the room.

As an entrepreneur no longer are we preparing the table, but we are the table! The question then remains what is your table made of, what is the size of your table, how many does your table seat, what is the shape of your table? Before we can become the table, we must be confident in our seating arrangement and be assured that our table will only seat those that have an appetite. When sitting with like minded people, the conversation becomes more about how we can collaborate versus how we are competing! It becomes more about congratulations versus listen to all of my accomplishments.

Which brings me to my last point, as the table your whole ideal of thinking has to change. We must think big, remain humble, and seek understanding. I challenge you to research different kinds of tables, to include length, width, and height, type of wood (no plastic tables allowed), and how many people can the table seat; comfortably. No longer are we preparing the table, we have become the table.

Matthew 19:26

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