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The Power of Progression

Short but powerful!

I've never been one to linger any where for too long. The old adage says, "don't over stay your welcome." Most times I don't linger because of the assignment. Correction, the reason I don't linger is because of the assignment. My assignment comes with an anointing that cost me my life. When we linger we abort the mission, because we didn't move ourselves out of the way.

Let me continue to work this, follow me for just a minute. The audience is filled with all sorts of spirits, filled with believers and non, filled with spectators and haters. If you allow your flesh to remain where THE SPIRIT has left you have killed the whole purpose of your presence. And thus voided the power of progression.

In other words, they can't move forward because you stood in the way.

I'm praying for you!

The Marketplace Minister

Sabrina B.

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