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Stop what you are doing...

Hey everyone, oh boy it has been about two years since the last time we spoke and all I can say is thank God for life. If I can take just one moment to be completely transparent, we all have had a rough couple of years but we have persevered through. As I look back over life, many have lost theirs and others are barely keeping their heads above water; but WE MADE IT!

I came to simply encourage someone on today!!! I have been on doggy daycare duty over the last week and one thing that I have learned is that patience is required during a still season. Now I am used to always having something to do. Always moving, always working on some type of project, attending a meeting, completing a coaching session or shooting a LIVE presentation or ZOOM conference; but this week I have had to be still. The pup that I am looking after requires minimal maintenance but maximum affection and attention. She has taught me one thing over this past week; IT IS OK TO BE STILL!

During the still moments, ideals are formulated. During the still moments, you can hear clearly. During the still moments, your body, mind and soul are allowed to rest, relax and release. If we can be completely honest, vacation is 9 times out of 10 not a time of rest. You spend most of your time touring, driving, standing in lines, waking up early and feeling guilty for not making sure the family is constantly on the go. Most of my work tools are in my own home and the only thing I have is my laptop. Now don't get me wrong a new apparel line has been birth during this time of STILLNESS, but I may have missed the vision had I been to busy trying to WRITE MY OWN.

CoCo is my fur niece's name, she is very laid back, quiet and calm to say the least. She has taught me to BE STLL! When she needs something she lets me know. She comes and sits right next to me and if I don't move or make eye contact, she hops up and nudges my hand as an indication that there is a need and it's called attention. "STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND SEE WHAT I WANT!"

I said all of that to say this, Christ is calling for you to stop what you are doing and see what He wants! What you are looking for, seeking after will only be revealed once you, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND SEE WHAT HE WANTS!

-Coach Sabrina B.

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