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Reactions versus Results

Attention ladies and gentleman, can I take a moment to be transparent? I have come to realize as I have become a bit more seasoned that the reaction that I provide will determine the results of the outcome. I can either get irate about the situation or I can handle it with finesse, get my point across and never have to raise my voice. Now, don't get me the wrong the agitation in me, says to go completely off and think nothing of the matter. But in reality I have to remain calm, state my case, reiterate the fact of the matter, and request that a solution be provided expeditiously. The fact of the matter says that, what belongs to me should not be fondled by other hands especially not those whose pay grades are lower than mine. Fact number two also tells me that this is the second time that this has happened and that I should surely address the issue...but in a professional manner.

Everything within you most times advises to take the low road, stoop to their level and cuss like the sun surely will not be coming out tomorrow. But as a Minister in the Market Place we must be careful how we handle situations. This goes for every facet of our lives. We have all heard, "the customer is always right", "turn the other cheek", "be the bigger person", Michelle even reminded us to "remain high when they go low." It can be difficult I know, it can sometimes make us feel as though we are less of a man or woman because we did not say what we really wanted to say. But we must remind ourselves to STOP in the midst of emotions and say a prayer, hum a tune, and remind our Savior of who He is to us; this my friends will definitely make all the difference. Acting on emotion can be detrimental to the resolution, with that being said; don't shout it out, talk it out and watch Michael swing the sword and fight your battle. Because remember; it wasn't yours to fight in the first place.

Be angry, but sin not!

-Sabrina B.

The Market Place Minister

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