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Popularity vs. Continued Overflow

A fellow entrepreneur said something so profound on the other day that I found it most fitting to talk about it here. She said so much in just a few words. Her comment consisted of the fact that she never prayer to be popular but in fact she prayed for continued overflow and due to the fact that she was sincere in her pray, consistent in her work ethic, and maintained integrity in all facets of business; she received exactly what she was seeking God for. I want to make mention here that popularity fades just as the day turns to night, but a request for continued overflow will always keep the cupboards full. Many times we take for granted the idea that "God Provides", but we must take a moment to stop and thank the blessor for His continued blessings. There is a song that reminds us to want the one who does all the things that we ask versus all the things that He gives. In other words, want Him more than anything.

As I begin to wrap up this conversation I am myself reminded of a petition that I put before God. I work a 9 to 5 job but also have a brick and mortar location where I conduct business for my boutique and consulting company. I asked God to allow me to sell each time that I went into the office. And I want to let you know that each time that I go into the office a patron comes by to sow a seed into my vision. Notice I requested for the sell, but changed my mindset and thanked Him for the seed. Even in those times where I've said, "hmm, I've been over a few times and haven't sold anything God, but regardless I still give you praise." Is the very same time that He sends someone in to spend $100's of dollars with me in one visit; only one person.

I looked around at the popularity of others and wondered how come I'm not as popular? And God came back to remind me, that popularity fades but my overflow is continuous. I looked around and wondered how come they don't support me like they support others? He says because what you do is Ministry, you don't just sell and advise, you seek Me for an eye and for wisdom. Finally, I stopped looking around, bowed my head and gave thanks.

Remember, popularity fades but overflow is continuous!

The Market Place Minister

-Sabrina B.

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