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Personal Development

Hey friends and neighbors as I was listening to Dr. Dharius Daniels, he said something that caught my attention. He said, "personal development is an act of faith." I paused for a moment and wrote that down. I wasn't quite sure why until now. We often think about character development or personal development as a training course of some sort. A class that may be offered in your local ministry or maybe in your networking circle, but when he mentioned it being an act of faith I took it a step further.

When we partake in said courses or classes we go in blind. We go in with an expectation that I am going to not only go to the class, I'm going to learn from the information that is being provided and then I am going to implement what I have learned. Now allow me to pause just one moment, there is no need to go any where, take a whole bunch of notes and do nothing with what you have learned. You were simply caught up in the hype and left on an emotional high which will not sustain you in the weeks to come. Okay now back to our topic at hand.

Personal development takes structure and time. When you are really seeking to grow in any area of your life you have to believe in yourself and the person(s) pouring in. You must decide what you will feed your mind. What you will feed your body. And what will you feed your soul. Those factors are a key indicator on how you will cultivate those areas of your life. I have began hour blocking my day. It is not a new thing but something that I take more seriously now as my schedule is a bit more tight on time. Hour blocking is forcing me to discipline my schedule and decrease the amount of time wasted on nonsense.

My work day begins at 7:00a. I break for lunch from 12p-1p and shut the computer down at 8p. Side Note: I'M A FULL TIME ENTREPRENEUR!!! Now keep in mind I have taken each task by hour and my accomplishment list is not task driven. What I do not complete today will be added to tomorrow. I listen to positive podcast and YouTube series throughout the day keeping my atmosphere filled with information, peace and clarity. What you take in is what you will be able to regurgitate; that's faith! Believing that what I am doing will pay off for me in the end.

Now I ask you the question, when was the last time you worked on your personal development and truly believed that what you were doing will pay off in the end?

-Coach Sabrina B.

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