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"Meet Me on the floor."

Those very words are what I heard this morning during my prayer time. Often we get too busy for a brief meeting with the Father. I remember a few years ago I put on a service entitled, "a permanent posture of worship", the posture that the Lord desires for us to remain in is one of humility, one that will make room for Him and everything that concerns Him. In all actually we were created to worship only the Father, not man or the things of this world; as they will soon pass away.

I was kneeling this morning and the Lord said, "lay on your face." As I heeded to His request, He said, "this is our new meeting place, this is where I need you to meet me on a regular basis". As a Christian entrepreneur it is necessary for me to meet Him. To meet Him when I don't feel like it by denying the flesh, meet Him when things are going well because I need Him to continue to bless the fruits of my labor; if I meet Him in those times, when things are going not so well, He will hear me simply because my prayer life is not for an occasion. I pray because I need Him. Now please hear my heart, you can pray anywhere, in any place, at any time, but for me He said, 'meet me on the floor'. Where ever the Lord is urging you to meet Him; meet Him. Don't hesitate as there is something He wants to say to you, something He wants you to be aware of; most times He just wants you to ask Him what you have been asking everyone else. Just allow Him the opportunity to show you that He can grant your very request, in His timing.

I pray that you all are staying before Him. I encourage you to block out all the noise and allow the Father to hear your heart.

I'm praying for you!

The Market Place Minister

Sabrina B.

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