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Matters of the Heart

What concerns us, concerns the Father. There are times when we as fleshly beings allow the matters of the heart to cloud our judgement, mislead our thoughts, even cause us to act in a manner that is unseemly. But because we are human, life can some times take a bite out of the heart, leaving an open wound that will take what feels like more time than we have to heal. At this point my friends we have to turn our faces back to the wall and began to pray for not just healing but to be made whole.

Websters dictionary defines healing as being free from injury. To be made whole means to be restored. I believe the Winans sang a song some time ago about how" restoration had finally come..." Restoration means to be brought back to the original state of being, when a heart has been wounded it will take on characteristics that are not of Christ; hatred, contempt, malice, guile and with those attributes come action. We live in a real world with real world problems and I understand not all of our cares immediately turn us to prayer but in actually they turn us to contemplation on how to get revenge on the person, place , or thing that caused us harm. For example when you stub your toe in the middle of the night, your first thought is to kick the very object that caused you pain in the first place; after you have provided it a few choice words. But after the pain is gone and the toe has healed we no longer think about the thing that caused us the pain, instead each night we remind ourselves to make a wide turn instead of a sharp one when heading toward our destination.

The heart acts in the same manner, most times it feels as though the pain will never go away. Most times it feels as though that person, place or thing has gotten the upper hand. It feels like you'll never get over it; but you will. The only way to get over it, is to deal with it. The only way to deal with it, is to address it. The only way to address it, is to speak from the heart. Talking about it, releases the weight of it. And once the weight is released, the heart can begin to heal as the wound begins to close, restoration becomes the final result of being made whole.

I leave these few passages of scripture with you,

Romans 12:19, Matthew 15:18, Psalms 138:8

-The Market Place Minister

Sabrina B.

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