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Lord Help Me!!!

Lord help me is my daily cry! In all actuality it should be all of our daily cries. We run into situations and sometimes people that test our very dedication to Christ. And I am not speaking solely from the area of aggravation or frustration but from a place where we have to remain patient and wait. Yeah! That part! I am often reminded that patience is indeed a virtue. I can only speak from experience and let you all know that I have the shortest amount of patience given to man, but I am yet working on it; pray for me. As a life coach one the most important objectives we learned in class was how to identify your own weakness.

After the session I have come to realize that my lack of patience stems from me never being afforded the opportunity for grace as a young child. Please keep in mind my family loved me dearly but as a preachers kid, growing up in the church, I had to be prim and proper. Seen but not heard. Straight A student. Accolades and awards. No room for error; and no grace. "Lord help me to give others what you have so freely given unto me!" Whatever your Lord Help Me is, allow it to ring out to the heavens. Allow it to come from the depths of your soul.

Don't allow your cry to be in vain. If you need Him, call Him, but make sure you have a relationship in order for Him to answer.

I'm praying for you,

Sabrina B.

The Marketplace Minister

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