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Living in Alignment

When this topic was presented to us as a group I tapped into its significance and relevance in this time of my life. Alignment is defined as, "the proper positioning or state of adjustment." Living is defined as, "full of life or vigor." Allow me to take a moment and combine the two definitions into one. Living in alignment means to be in the proper position in order to live a life full of vigor, purpose, and intention. When we think about the current status of our nation...we are out of alignment. We have accepted anything and everything in order to be embraced by society. Our standards have been lowered. Our way of life has been compromised. And we have simply pushed Christ to the side.

Right now I am in a season of getting back into alignment. I was never really out of position, God is simply shifting my thought process, the manner in which I handle business, the purpose behind the way I live my life and the intent in which I desire to please my Father. I do realize that once I get to that place, that solid place of assurance, that place of feeling that this is right because it simply feels right; then and only then will I be able to boldly walk the line knowing I am exactly where I AM SUPPOSED TO BE!!

I don't know exactly what it will take for you, but I promise if you continue to seek guidance, wisdom and understanding; all will begin to make more sense and the dim light will become brighter and lead you directly to the street called STRAIGHT.

-Coach Sabrina B.

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