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It's Just Me!

I've learned over the years that when trying to please others, you will never succeed. You will either not meet the full expectations or supersede the requirements. We all know how that goes, "unfortunately we have decided to focus our efforts on other candidates". Yeah, that part right there! What we must be cognizant of, is the fact that the only expectations we should be meeting are those of the Father and of ourselves. I've met so many amazing people and I've sat at tables where many of them had multiple letters behind their names, but there is one thing that I found in common will all of them; none them are ME!

None of them are Me! None of them bring to the table what I bring to the table. None of them have paid the dues that I have paid! None of them have given up or sacrificed what I have had to give up and sacrifice to be where I am today. None of them possess my characteristics nor do they possess my anointing! Whew!!! I could go on and on but I think at this point, you get the point. There is only one you and without you, the world would be devoid of what you have to offer.

Never allow comparison to cause you to shrink back. I've been there and I've done that! And it took me a very long time to be okay with simply being; JUST ME! The Bible reminds us, that marvelous are HIS works!!! And you my dear friend are marvelous!

Coach Sabrina B.

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