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I'm No Longer a Slave to Fear...

MPM's I simply come to encourage you today. In a time when the world and us as individuals are in a place of uncertainty, we must hold fast to the profession of our faith.

Let me take a moment to be transparent. I too am a bit fearful, death was closer to me this week, and honestly shook me to my core, but I must remain in a lane of positivity. No one wants to leave this earth before what we feel is our time, but when He calls our name; it will indeed be our time. All I ask is that we be found in the right place with Him. Many have reminded us "that the saints shouldn't be afraid of death", and maybe for some that is true but for those of us who still desire to see His promises, we want our lives to "roll on a little while longer" (as my grandparents used to say).

I come to you today, not to depress or scare you, but to encourage and uplift. Death is uncertain but I am a firm believer that what you do with the dash is what makes the difference. Take a moment today to speak a word of compassion into someone's atmosphere. At let us remember to support one another during this time of turmoil.

P.S. if you receive a stimulus check and decide to keep it; invest it! It's Our Time!

I'm Praying for You!

-The Market Place Minister

Sabrina B.

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