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"I'll take wisdom for $100."

During the reign of King Solomon there were many significant testimonies that took place, miracles that happened, and prophecies that were fulfilled. But in order for those things to come to pass Solomon sought the Lord for one specific ideal; wisdom. He could have prayed for houses and land, you know, all the material possessions that we seek for on a regular basis. But he chose wisdom! In our walks with Christ he advises to seek him first and all the other stuff we want will come. Wisdom by far is the most prized possession but is by far the least sought after.

As Market Place Ministers it is important for us to start our day with prayer and a question to our Savior; what is it that you would have me to do today? We must be so keen and in tune with the voice crying in the wilderness, that when He speaks we know without a doubt that it is Him who is guiding. Many times we pray for wisdom but fail to follow through when the instruction is provided. I have learned that in order to move forward in business we must keep the real reason for the movement at the forefront; ministry.

Seeking wisdom will decrease the amount of failed ventures, it will decrease the amount failed relationships/friendships, it will decrease the amount of loss time and money. In this new season of ministry we must be aware of the changes and upgrades, but never lose sight of who we really are; ministers. Please keep in mind that knowledge will only come to those who seek after it, which then leads me to the question; what are you seeking?

-Sabrina B

The Marketplace Minister

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