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I Apologize. A letter to myself!

Dear me,

I just wanted to write you this letter and let you know how sorry I am for causing so much frustration and pain. I do realize that a lot of the choices that you made early on in life where to please others. You felt as though you had to be accepted. You felt as though no one really cared about what you wanted only what they wanted for you. And therefore you had to muffle your voice. Some have even told you, that you have gotten louder. But I do believe that because you finally decided you would walk in your truth; you found your voice and loved the sound that it made.

I apologize for stifling your progression and dumbing down your dopeness. You my dear are amazing and no one will ever be able to take that from you. You have found your place in this world and you can now live out the rest of your days in peace unapologetically. I apologize for subjecting you to mediocrity accepting less that the best for yourself. Being okay with playing second fiddle to others, knowing very well that you have what it takes to make a difference and leave a lasting impression.

I apologize to you with all sincerity. Please know that in the latter days of your life, you shall live the best days of your life. You will no longer say yes to things you don't want to do. You will no longer be taken for granted. You will keep your distance in order to guard your anointing, because it cost you your LIFE.

I apologize girl, just know that it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.


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