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Are you a Booster or a Booster?

I know you are thinking to yourself, what in the world is she talking about? Well, I am so glad you asked? When I was growing up there were people (who shall remain nameless), that we would purchase items from. The merchandise would be stolen from different retailers and sold for a slightly lower cost than in the store. There would be clothing, shoes, purses, etc.; this was called boosting or in todays terms shoplifting. Let me take a moment to preface this blog by saying, this was many years ago when we participated in such transactions. And if you feel at all offended by my post, now is the time to exit. Nevertheless, I'm going somewhere with this topic.

There are two types of people in this world, and after attending an absolutely mind changing, life altering, leadership experience this weekend all that I had learned over the last few months had become clear. Are you a booster or a booster? Have you surrounded yourself with boosters or boosters. In other words are you one who sneakily steals or one who uplifts? Have you surrounded yourself with people who are sneakily stealing your ideas, your life, and your energy or have you surrounded yourself with those who will encourage, challenge and push you to your next level of greatness.

The inner circle should compliment who you are not compete with who you are. The inner circle should be so small, that at any given moment you can reach out and touch at least one of them at anytime. I tend to lean on the concept of the faithful five, as five is the number of grace. These five will allow me to be me, allow me to express myself without judgement but will not hesitate to check me when necessary. Check your surroundings, complete a thorough self-examination and make the final determination of whether you possess the characteristics of a taker or a giver; a booster or a booster.

Coach Sabrina B.

Marketplace Ministry

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