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Coach Sabrina S. Bordley
The Marketplace Minister

Entrepreneur, aspiring #1 Best-Selling author, market place minister, coach and motivational speaker


An open hand is never empty.

Sabrina Servance Bordley is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. She is married to Darrell Bordley and they have one son, Jonathan. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from DeVry University. Sabrina is passionate about the advancement of all people in the area of business and entrepreneurship. She has found herself at the helm of Market Place Ministry and speaks on this concept each time the opportunity presents itself.


She has assisted several entrepreneur’s nationwide in the start of their businesses as well as Ministry efforts. She is a licensed Life and Ministry Coach and owner of SSBordley Enterprises. She is a member of several prestigious organizations and is the Chief Visionary of The Couch The Conversation The Coaches. Sabrina works closely with many Ministry leaders in the area of strategic marketing, business planning, image consulting, and content creation.  She is an accomplished writer, author and Ministry leader.

Sabrina lives by the motto; “An open hand is never empty, and a closed palm is never full”. As a Minister of the Gospel, Sabrina reminds her audience that, “walking in obedience, is what it will take, to get the job done”.

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